About Me

Words that have been used to describe me
  • father
  • student
  • traveller
  • journalist
  • ultimate frisbee player
  • web designer
  • writer
  • computer programmer
  • teacher
  • fundraiser
  • organiser
  • captain
  • biochemistry researcher
  • editor
  • engineer
  • painter
  • backpacker
  • photographer
  • network administrator
  • development director
  • policy officer
  • meeting planner
  • perfectionist
  • surfer
  • baseball player
  • motorcyclist
  • soccer fanatic
  • bicyclist
  • hiker
  • lover
  • husband
  • mail boy
  • crossword king
  • activist
  • drinker
  • Buffy watcher
  • adrenaline junkie
  • Californian
  • Indian
  • American
  • freak

Picture of PeterThe story of me, in just one web page??? Hardly... Sometimes I can hardly get a handle on me, how could I expect you to do the same by reading just a little bit of blathering text hastily slapped up on this web page. See some of the words that have been used to describe me in the table on the right.

The point is there is no one way to describe anyone, especially not me. My current greatest personal interests are development, travelling and writing. Though I never seem to do as much of the latter two as I really want to do. Of course my family life is the biggest use of time right now - if anyone tries to tell you that taking care of a baby is anything less than the equivalent of two full-time jobs, they are insane!

Some people like to define others by where they live. That doesn't work so well for me as I have resided in the following places: Virginia, Northern California, Philadelphia, New Delhi India, Geneva Switzerland, Seoul Korea, and London. People often ask where my home is, and my usual response is "Home? What home?"

What about where I like to be most often. Well that isnt anywhere in particular. See, I have travelled to more than 25 countries and feel most comfortable on the road. Maybe my spiritual home is on a bumpy local bus jumping over rocky dusty roads in the hinterland of a country that most Americans would never be able to locate on a map let alone visit.

So what about my citizenship. OK you got me there. I have only one passport - an American one - but hopefully that will all change soon. I would like to get Indian citizenship (my father's heritage) and Slovakian citizenship (my mother's heritage). It's just a matter of time I hope.

OK so then what do I do. Well just about everything! (ref: list on the right) My preference is to be working in civil society, doing something that I think improves the world. But that doesn't rule out my doing other things for a job or in my spare time.

What about academics? Well I studied to be an engineer and got a business degree in the process. I almost went on to be a biochemist. I had professors at university who told me I should be a politician, a lawyer, a professor and a doctor. Now I have a master's in Development Management - a combination of economics, political science, and business for the NGO world. The classes I enjoyed the most were religious studies, political science and art history. And through all this I maintain an avid interest in literature and environmental issues.

But one of my other personal interests is language. Despite it being my worst subject back in the heady days of high school I have decided that language and communication are the foundations of human society and bear more exploration. As such, I now cherish my lengthy schooling in French and have taken up the tasks of learning Hindi and Korean. Spanish is next on the list.

Hobbies? Yikes, where to start... What I do to relax? Too many things to mention. Turn-ons? Lets not even go there.

So that leaves just a lot of uncertainty. Seems to sometimes be a theme in my life. Check out some of my writing and my photos to get a better idea. But on this long journey we call life, I can't honestly tell you where I am on the map, so dont even ask me where I am going.

So thats it for my egotistical wanderings of the keyboard. You probably shouldn't be wasting your time reading this much anyway...



last updated: January 9, 2007
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